Address: 5300 Gabrovo, Vuzrazhdane sqr. 23
Phone: +359 66 807101

‘Aprilov- Palauzov’ Library in Gabrovo is the largest public library, as well as the richest in resources both in the municipality and in the region. It is a follower of the first Bulgarian public library which was opened along with the Aprilov School in 1845. Part of its resources and of Aprilov’s private library laid the foundations of the town’s community centre library in 1861. The collections consist of 268 000 library items in Bulgarian and foreign languages. Annually, new 4-5 thousand items are received in the library, in addition to subscriptions to about 200 titles of printed periodicals. The stock is universal and includes books, periodicals, and cartographic, graphic and electronic editions from all fields of knowledge, arts and art of speech. The library stores a substantial part of the literary heritage: 6 manuscripts, 1500 volumes and 14 titles of periodicals from the year 1878, 20 000 volumes, as well as 148 titles of periodicals from the period between 1878 and 1944. The library has a wide-spectrum reference system both in traditional and electronic versions. The electronic one is arranged in a local network including all structural links. The informational resources consist of the following data: The National Bibliography, alphabetical subject catalogue, systematic catalogue of over 3000 entries, 21 thematic files with nearly 6000 entries, town’s history files with more than 200 000 analytical descriptions, on the grounds of which 1700 references are made annually. The access to external information resources is possible by the means Internet connections from computerized readers’ desks.
Through the Interlibrary Loan Service there could be provided return library documents from and to other libraries across the country and abroad (book, paper copy, electronic copy of the full text or a part thereof).